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11th Feb, Brisbane Entertainment Centre - FAN REVIEW

on February 13, 2011

We recruited our biggest Buble fans to review every date of Michael's "Crazy Love" AU tour - here is our first!

Michael Bublé – “Crazy Love” Tour
Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Friday 11th February 2011
- Gareth H

Michael’s “Crazy Love” tour kicked off on its Australian leg with a shower of fireworks at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre Friday. From the first note to the last encore Michael was simply spectacular. The auditorium was packed to the rafters with adoring fans, young and old alike.

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It kicks off tonight!

on February 10, 2011

Michael's Crazy Love Australian tour kicks off tonight in Brisbane! Are you ready?!  If you are off to the show tonight, be sure to take some photos for the rest of Michael's Aussie fans and upload them to the Michael Buble Australian app, we'd love to see them.

Download the official Michael Buble app for free on iTunes.

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Share Your Photos From Michael's Australian Tour Using Liveshare!

on February 07, 2011

Going to see Michael on his Australian tour? Show Michael Buble fans
worldwide! For this leg of his 2011 Australian tour, concert goers will
be able to take photos of every show they attend and share them in real
time with other fans using the Liveshare app for your iPhone or Andriod phone.

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Michael Buble Australian App!

on February 06, 2011

Hey guys,

We've just launched our very own Australian app for Michael Buble. It's free and you can download it HERE. By downloading the app you will get access to exclusive tour content, media, contests & will be up to date with everything Michael on his Crazy Love Australian tour. 

We have just uploaded an exclusive video snippet from Michael's  'This is Michael Buble documentary' - it's hilarious so be sure to check out the media section of the app. The documentary will air in full Feb 14th @ 5.30pm on 7TWO.

The app also features:

Michael & Me - Have you ever wanted to get your picture

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Crazy Love “Hollywood Edition” is OUT NOW!

on February 03, 2011

Crazy Love “Hollywood Edition”, contains several new songs including the new single “Hollywood” as well as live show-stopping versions of “Haven’t Met You Yet” and the Billy Vera tune, “At This Moment.”

Grab your copy from: iTunes | JB HI-FI | Sanity



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