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Vier een gelukkig Bublé kerstfeest

on September 14, 2011
Michael Bublé heeft een speciaal kerstgeschenk
voor zijn brave en stoute fans dit jaar. Op 21 oktober brengt de
meervoudig Grammy winnaar een nieuw album uit onder de titel
'Christmas'. PRE-ORDER de gelimiteerde uitgave met: 'Christmas' als CD, 3 bonus tracks en een exclusieve kerstversiering. Meer details vind je hier.

“CHRISTMAS” volgt het Grammy Award winnende album "Crazy Love" op, welke meer dan zeven miljoen stuks wereldwijd verkocht, was multi-platina in de US, UK, Australia en Canada, en behaalde in Nederland de dubbel platina status!

Over het nieuwe album zegt Michael: "Christmas has

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MICHAEL BUBLE’ è il primo a farvi gli auguri di BUON NATALE quest’anno!!

on September 14, 2011

Michael Bublè ha un regalo di natale speciale per i suoi fans, sia per quelli che sono stati buoni che per quelli che sono stati cattivi. Dopo l’ultimo album  “Crazy love”, che ha venduto oltre 7 milioni di copie in tutto il mondo ed è stato certificato disco di platino in molti paesi tra cui gli USA, l’Inghilterra, l’Australia, il Canada e ovviamente anche l’Italia, il multi premiato cantante canadese pubblica il suo nuovo album intitolato CHRISTMAS questo autunno.

“Natale è sempre stato il periodo preferito dell’anno sia per me che per la mia famiglia, quindi registrare una raccolta

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on September 13, 2011

Michael Bublé has a special holiday gift for his naughty and nice fans this year. On October 24th, the multi Grammy Award winning Canadian will be releasing his new album called CHRISTMAS. PRE-ORDER the limited fan edition which includes: "Christmas" on CD, 3 bonus tracks, plus an exclusive ornament tucked inside extended album packaging. Get more details here.

CHRISTMAS follows the Grammy Award winning artist’s previous album “Crazy Love” which sold over seven million copies worldwide and was certified multi-platinum in the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

Commented Bublé, “Christmas has always

United Kingdom
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“Christmas” Album Sneak Peek

on August 23, 2011

Get a first listen to Michael’s new album "Christmas"! Watch the teaser video and tune in again September 6th for an exclusive announcement. Don’t forget to subscribe to Michael’s Official Youtube Channel and look for more videos coming soon.


United Kingdom
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"Christmas" Album Cover First Look

on August 22, 2011

Get a first glimpse of the album cover for Michael’s new album
"Christmas." Stay tuned for another sneak peek of the album coming tomorrow! 


United Kingdom


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