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Michael on the Logies tonight!

on April 07, 2013

Those in Australia, tune into the Logies tonight to catch Michael performing live! The action starts 8pm on NINE (AEDST - check your local guide for your state)

And to help celebrate don't forget to get your copy of It's A Beautiful Day!

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Australian pre-order options + win!

on April 02, 2013

Want to pre-order your copy of To Be Loved, before it hits Australian stores on April 12th?

If you order online from JB Hifi or Sanity you can go in the draw to win an extremely rare personalised Michael Bublé plaque - a real collectors item!

Order at Sanity:
Order at JB Hifi:

And if you want to get the album digitally the moment it is released, order it on iTunes here:

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Buble on Aussie TV and radio!

on December 12, 2012

Aussie Michael Buble fans – stay glued to your TV this weekend!

A Michael Buble Christmas special ‘Home for the Holidays’ airs in Australia this Saturday, 15th December 6.30pm on Channel 7! This is the first of many Michael Buble specials appearing on Aussie TV and radio in the coming weeks.

Michael Buble specials will also be featured on radio stations across the country including Smooth FM, where he will have a Christmas Eve co-hosting spot! Find out more here:

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Christmas in Australia! New special edition.

on November 19, 2012

Christmas is coming... and what better way to get into the mood than with the brand new special edition of CHRISTMAS!

With bonus tracks, and a Christmas greeting from Michael, it's the only Christmas album you'll need this season. Grab it for yourself, a family member or a friend here.

Stay tuned for more Michael news soon!

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Catch Michael on Aussie TV this weekend!

on December 16, 2011

The NBC Special will be running prior to Carols in the Domain in every state from 7pm this Saturday night (this will air in QLD after Carols!)

Michael will appear via satellite on Carols in the Domain on Saturday night which airs from 7.30pm.

A Michael Buble MIX radio special will also run this Sunday at 7pm in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and again on Christmas morning at 9am.



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