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Happy Holidays From Michael!

on December 14, 2006

Michael's Special Holiday Message
Michael has been busy in the studio working on his upcoming album, but took time to record a special holiday video message especially for Bungalow B! Quicktime or Windows for Michael's special greeting to you!
Have you finished your Buble Gift Shopping yet?

New merchandise from the 2006 tour is now available on ` Just In Time' for holiday gift giving! Rush orders can be placed up to December 18th. An electronic gift card is also easy to order and in denominations to fit any budget.

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Michael & Tony Bennett appear on Oprah this Monday!

on December 07, 2006

Michael and Tony Bennett team up once again to perform Just In Time' on the Oprah Winfrey Show this Monday, December 11th!

The show taped yesterday in Chicago and Josh Groban also performs. Watch for a plug of Michael's own record at the end of the show!
Check local television listings for air times.

BBC Television One in the UK will be airing Tony Bennett: An American Classic television special on December 12th.

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Grammy Nomination

on December 07, 2006

Michael Bublé, has received a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.

Others artists nominated are; Tony Bennett, Sarah McLachlan, Bette Midler and Smokey Robinson.
The 49th Annual Grammy Awards Show takes place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, February 11th. The show will be televised at 8 PM ET live on CBS Television.

For a complete list of nominations visit

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Michael's Let It Snow' ring tone is the hottest download this week on!

on December 01, 2006

Over 3,000 fans have downloaded Let It Snow' this week! Cell phones across the country will be ringing out Michael's Christmas songs through the holidays !

Let It Snow and The Christmas Song are both available for download on You can also get great wallpaper images plus over a dozen other songs and voice ringers Michael has personally recorded.

Currently available in the U.S. only, but are supported on AT & T Wireless, Cingular, Sprint PCS and T-Mobile USA carriers.

Check out the Michael buble ringtown today!

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Here we are with another update on Michael!

on November 30, 2006

With the holiday season upon us, we're putting DJ Buble radio in full swing with some excellent Christmas tunes from Michael's 5-song disc, Let It Snow' coming SOON on DJ Buble!
Looking for great gift ideas for you AND your favorite someone? A giftcard is now available in the store ! You'll find it soon on Bungalow B as well. Cards are available from $10.00 to $100.00. Soon to come new items from the 2006 tour including shirts, keychain, teddy bear tour books and posters! As well, there will be a special black Babydoll tee exclusive for BungalowB members only !


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Official 2017 Calendar + Michael Buble Marker
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2016 Blue Holiday Ornament
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