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Rained Out Albuquerque Show

on August 24, 2006

Everybody remember the cancelled New Mexico show? I do it was a rainy mess and we can prove it. Head to the 'dressing room' to check out the pics!

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Japan Press Release

on August 22, 2006

Michael has been on an incredible press schedule in Tokyo this week, which continues until friday. He's already done a succession of interviews for radio, television and magazine, but he's also performed at a special industry event. Monday night, Michael performed a 20 minute set backed by a quartet of his band members at the Warner Music Japan's annual Heatseekers convention.

Thursday begins with interviews for ADLIB and AUTO FASHION Magazines, as well as WOWOW TV where the CAUGHT IN THE ACT show will also be aired.

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Japan Promo Tour

on August 18, 2006

Michael heads to Japan today for a promotional press tour.Michael is off to Tokyo and Osaka for a week long promo tour. Things get underway Monday with a live performance on Warratte Tomo. This program is the highest rated and longest running noon time show airing live across the nation to approximately 12 million viewers.Michael will then do a succession of magazine interviews including INROCK, SPUR, CLABISM and ENGINE Magazines He'll also do a ton of phoner interviews for radio across the country.

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Meeting And Greeting (updated)

on August 17, 2006

Head over to the 'Screening Room' to check out all of the new photos from the Meet and Greets.

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on August 11, 2006

Albuquerque, NM

To everyone's disappointment, the outdoor show at Albuquerque's Sandia Casino Amphitheater was postponed because of lightning, wind, and rain. All day long the weather had been beautiful and hot, but at around 5:30 pm the skies darkened and lightening started to appear in the distance. It was downhill from there. All the local people kept telling us that in Albuquerque storms never last longer than ten or fifteen minutes. But when it hit, the rain and the lightning hung around and hung around.

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