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"Pencil Yourself In"

on October 25, 2005

Were keeping the fun alive here at the Bungalow with a brand new contest, so "Pencil Yourself In" because now 'It's Time' to see your art abilities! We want each of you to draw yourself into the cover of the record. You can do this via photoshop, illustrator, or hand drawing! Get creative and show us your newly designed album cover of 'It's Time!'Check out the contest page for more details, and good luck!!

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Collector's Contest Winners!

on October 05, 2005

Congrats to our contest winners who will be recieving a signed 'It's Time' Poster and spiderman record:
And our GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be recieving ALL the goods (signed poster, spiderman record) + a copy of 'It's Time' signed by Michael.Congrats to... 'TinaLV'

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New Poll

on September 27, 2005

Time for another Buble' Poll! Cast your vote below and fill us in on how many shows you attended this past tour... If you have any suggestions for ideas for contests or polls send it our way at Thanks!

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New Greeting from Michael

on August 25, 2005

Hey Guys- Michael left us a video message to Bungalow-B! Check it out in the screening room under video...ENJOY!

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Our Final M+G Winners!

on August 22, 2005

Congrats to our final M+G winners who will be meeting Michael before his show in...

8/23 Aurora, IL- 'ranndy'

8/25 Memphis, TN- 'bart92'

Congrats guys! Have Fun!

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