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New Meet And Greet Dates Confirmed

on March 07, 2006

Hey Everyone, we have the rest of the meet and greet dates confirmed for Michael's 2006 tour.


Friday, March 10 ` Taft Theater ` Cincinnati, OH
Sunday, March 12 ` Omaha Civic Music Hall ` Omaha, NE
Tuesday March 14 - Chapman Music Hall ` Tulsa, OK
Wednesday, March 15 ` Civic Center Music Hall ` Oklahoma City
Friday, March 17 ` Will Rogers Auditorium, Ft. Worth, TX
Saturday, March 18 - Bass Concert Hall - Austin, TX
Sunday, March 19 ` Lila Cockrell Theater ` San Antonio, TX
Tuesday, March 21 ` Music Hall,Tucson, AZ
Saturday, March 25 ` Berkeley Comm.

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3/7 M&G Winner

on March 06, 2006

Congratulations to our Richmond, VA 3/7 Meet and Greet winner "sbraca!"

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3/5 M+G Winner!

on March 04, 2006

Congratulations to our 3/5 Atlantic City M+G winner, 'Tiamarcel!'

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Contest Winners!

on March 02, 2006

Congrats to our Grand Prize NY ticket and meet and greet winner, 'dmarie823' and our 3/3 Washington, D.C. meet and greet winner, 'trimalynn'.

Thanks to all who entered and keep checking back for more meet and greet tour dates added to the contest page!

(Meet and Greets are subject to change or cancelation at anytime.)

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"2006 Meet and Greet Contest"

on March 01, 2006

It's that time again, what we've all been waiting for... More meet and greet contests to meet Michael!

As another gift to our fan club members we're giving away tickets to his 3/4` Radio City Music Hall, New York show as well as a chance to meet Michael himself!

Here's what you do: In a short essay, describe and tell us why you believe you are the best member to attend the meet and greet/ attend the NY show. The member with the most inspiring, genuine essay wins!

The prizes to win are as follows:

Grand pize:
1 person will win a pair of tickets for Michael's show on 3/4 and M+G passes!

1 person

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