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Michael On "Dancing With The Stars!""

on February 16, 2006

Tomorrow (2/17) see our very own Michael Buble' perform 3 songs on the result show for 'Dancing With The Stars!' Tune into ABC - 8/7c. Check local listings for more details.

Michael is set to perform:

'Save the Last Dance'

Don't miss it!

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Michael at the Juno Awards

on February 16, 2006

Michael is nominated for the CTV Fan Choice Award at this year's Juno Awards! Click here to vote for Michael and show your support! Michael was also nominated in other phenomenal categories which include:

Artist of the Year
Song of the Year (HOME)
Album of the Year
Pop Album of the Year
Producer of the Year (Buble/Foster)

Click here for more info.

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Next Round of Pre-sale Tickets!

on February 13, 2006

Bungalow-b is having it's 4th Pre-sale! Login on Wednesday (2/15) and head to the tour page to access exclusive pre-sale tickets for 4 more dates on Michael's 2006 tour! Please note on-sales as listed below

4/04 Portland, ME ` Merrill Auditorium
(Begins 2/15 12 p.m. EST ends 2/16 5p.m. EST)
4/05 Providence, RI ` Dunkin Donuts Center
(Begins 2/15 12 p.m. EST ends 2/16 5p.m. EST)
4/07 Albany, NY ` Palace Theatre
(Begins 2/15 12 p.m. EST ends 2/16 5p.m. EST)
4/09 Baltimore, MD ` Hippodrome
(Begins 2/15 12 p.m. EST ends 2/16 5p.m. EST)

A quick reminder on how to purchase pre-sale tickets:

Login at

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Last Minute Ticket Contest Winner!

on February 10, 2006

Congrats to our contest winner 'camilledan' who won our 'last minute ticket contest' for Michael's 2/14 show in Vegas!

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Michael on David Letterman

on February 09, 2006

Micheal Buble is scheduled to perform on David Letterman this Friday evening. (2-10)

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