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    On Sun, June 18th, Michael won the MuchMoreMusic Award for "Save The Last Dance For Me."

    Our spring fling was rockin'. We did 11 shows in seven countries in 17 days, starting in Luxembourg and ending in Stockholm, Sweden. It was a whirlwind of cities and a blizzard of languages, and everywhere we went we were overwhelmed by people's kindness and enthusiasm. Each place was, of course, unique, and every city and venue offered it's own amazing experience. From Rotterdam where we played the Ahoy, a huge hall brimming with 8,000 dancing Dutch people, to places where we have never been before such as Copenhagen where we were greeted with open arms and incredible enthusiasm at...

    Michael is featured on Tony Bennett's latest 'Duet' album Click Here to view the whole article!

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Buble Shades Women’s Slouchy T-shirt
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By Invitation (30ML) Purse Spray
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