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    Check out the new pictures from tour in the 'Dressing Room' section.

    Check out some new pictures from tour in the 'Dressing Room' section!

    Michael will be featured on a 30 minute television special called Face To Face which airs this friday at 8 pm on Canada's Newsworld station.

    We have added 6 new photos from the European tour. Check them out in the 'Dressing Room' section!

    Our swing through the Midwest has been a lot of funthank you to everyone who came out to shows for the first time and to those of you who traveled some long distances to showswe know there were quite a few! On this tour leg in the U.S. we are visiting a lot of smaller cities that we haven't visited before. We started this swing in Madison, capital of Wisconsin, which, as everyone knows, is the cheese state. Contrary to what you may think by watching sports events on TV, not everyone walks around with those crazy cheese hats on. That was kind of a relief, but we were a little...


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Retro Window T-shirt
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Buble Shades Women’s Slouchy T-shirt
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First Buble Coffee Tumbler
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