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    Following Michael's guest appearance at Tony Bennett's New York City concert next Tuesday, Michael & Tony will be performing their duet, Just In Time on NBC's Today Show live Wednesday, Sept 27th. Check local television listings for details.

    To celebrate Michael's birthday tomorrow we added a new section to the 'Screening Room.' Inside are some of your Bungalow-B birthday wishes enjoy!

    'Dressing Room' section + Tour = New video clips

    Everybody remember the cancelled New Mexico show? I do it was a rainy mess and we can prove it. Head to the 'dressing room' to check out the pics!

    Michael has been on an incredible press schedule in Tokyo this week, which continues until friday. He's already done a succession of interviews for radio, television and magazine, but he's also performed at a special industry event. Monday night, Michael performed a 20 minute set backed by a quartet of his band members at the Warner Music Japan's annual Heatseekers convention.

    Thursday begins with interviews for ADLIB and AUTO FASHION Magazines, as well as WOWOW TV where the CAUGHT IN THE ACT show will also be aired.


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Official 2017 Calendar + Michael Buble Marker
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