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    Check out Nick's Corner for his latest post about how his visit to Australia is going.

    Hii! Hows it going? After a little over a week in Australia I have finally adjusted to the time change. For a while I was going to bed at 3am and getting up at 7. Thats just not enough sleep for a musician or anyone else for that matter. But things are going good now. Michael is a big success here and we are playing huge shows (10,000 plus) night after night. Although it is winter in this hemisphere the weather has been surprisingly nice. We are doing a show in Sydney tonight and head to Melbourne tomorrow. Melbourne is my favorite city in Australia.

    Congratulations to Vessie, who will be meeting Michael in Melbourne!

    Check out our latest addition to the photos section! Michael and Blake hang out backstage at the David Foster and Friends performance in Vegas.


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2015 North American Calendar
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