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    A few pieces of some photos have gone astray! Help them find their homes. Below are three different pieces that belong to three different photos that can only be found on Bungalow-B. Find which photo each one belongs to for your chance to win $25 gift certiicate to the store! You must get all three correct to win. Send your entries to with your full name, username, and phone number and be sure to attach the photos to the e-mail or include links to them. One winner will be chosen out of all correct entries. Entries must be in by April 27th.

    A strange thing happened the other day in Charlottesville. A rogue spider bit Michael in the eye while he was sleeping on the bus. His eye swelled up and it looked as though the show might have to be cancelled. This was avoided by Michael and the band wearing sunglasses for the performance. Personally, I thought an eye patch would be a better look. Who wouldn't be entertained by a band of music loving pirates? And the tunes lend themselves perfectly to the pirate language.

    Hey Bungalow-B! We have an exclusive for you! Here is the album cover to Michael's latest Wal-Mart Exclusive Ep. The Ep hits Wal-Mart stores April 29th. Enjoy!


    Head on over to 'Nick's Corner' to see what he has been up to!

    Today we travel from Charlotte to Charlottesville (followed tomorrow
    by Charlottetown and then Charlotte City, haha, jk). I have enough
    trouble knowing where I am from day to day when the city names aren't
    so similar.
    The show last night went well. Michael mentioned it was the 4 year
    anniversary of us working with the promoter Don Fox. It is amazing
    to see how much the show has grown since the beginning. We often
    played for a few hundred people back in the day. Last nights show
    was for about 10,000.
    But the REAL show did not take place on the stage last night folks.
    It took place on the


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