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    Re-live the tour with these all new tour merch items!

    White Photo Song Title T-Shirt


    Fitted, pre-shrunk fine jersey cotton with Michael Buble logo print on front and Call Me Irresponsible song titles printed on back w/photo.

    Price: 29.99

    Click here to purchase

    Purple Photo T-Shirt

    American Apparel with Michael Buble photo

    Price: 24.99

    Click here to purchase

    Silhouette Logo Juniors

    American Apparel baby rib tee with Michael Logo Silhouette Print

    Price: 24.99

    Click here to purchase

    Slate Photo Juniors

    Description: American Apparel with Michael Buble chair photo. Tour 2007 exclusive

    Price: 27.99

    "Lost Poster

    24x36 'Lost' Video inspired poster. Click here to purchase.

    Congratulations to hapa77, winner of Trivia Week 2!

    Here is this weeks Question. Send your answers to

    Trivia Week 3 Question: What character did Michael play when he made an appearance in 2 X-Files episodes?

    Hey everyone, here is Question Two of Trivia Week! Send your answer to Good luck!

    Q: How many Juno Awards had Michael ever won?


Official 2017 Calendar + Michael Bublé Marker
Official 2017 Calendar + Michael Buble Marker
Lean On Me T-shirt
2016 Blue Holiday Ornament
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