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    So the final days of this tour are now upon us. With the exception of a few shows in december, this will be the last time we work in the US for quite a while. We're in Florida today enjoying the great weather on the beach. I got nothin to complain about :)
    I hope those of you that came out to a show in the past few weeks enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to seeing you all again in the future. We have one more stop on this world tour before Michael goes back into the studio: South America. I've never been to Brazil or Argentina before and cant wait to get down there and...

    Four Premier Tickets and a Backstage Meet & Greet at the Mohegan Sun, Concert in Uncasville, CT are being offered for auction through the New York Restoration Project Charity, founded by renowned entertainer Bette Midler. The winner of this one of a kind experience will have a choice to attend either December 2 or 3rd shows and will receive 4 best seats in the house, a personal meet & greet with Michael and a bag of goodies. Auction runs until November 10th.


    Nick is back again, check out 'Nick's Corner' for the latest update.

    Hey Bungalow-B if you haven't noticed Nick has been a posting machine. Check back frequently to 'Nick's Corner' to see what him and the band have been up to!

    Whats up y'all? We are in Wichita, Kansas today. The tour has been great thus far. We started off in Baltimore and made our way through Raleigh, Greenville, Knoxville, Dayton, and Moline. Not exactly your major US cities. But I enjoy playing the smaller towns. These are places I would never visit if it weren't for my job. It's a great opportunity to see the country, ya know what i'm saying? After Wichita we head down south to Texas, Louisiana, and Florida for some dates. We have a day off in Pensacola so i'm definitely gonna hit the beach. I hope some of you can catch one of the...


Retro Window T-shirt
Retro Window T-shirt
Bublé Shades Women’s Slouchy T-shirt
Buble Shades Women’s Slouchy T-shirt
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First Buble Coffee Tumbler
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