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    Vancouver Giants Majority Owner Ron Toigo, along with co-owners Sultan Thiara, Pat Quinn, and Gordie Howe, are pleased to welcome international recording star and Burnaby native, Michael Bublé to the Giants ownership group.

    Speaking for the ownership group, Toigo says, “Having someone of Michael’s stature get involved at the ownership level is a real statement on the strength of the Vancouver Giants brand, and that of the Western Hockey League as a whole. We’re very excited to welcome Michael to the organization, and look forward to having his energy and enthusiasm in the...

    This life size CD cardboard standup helped promote Michael's newest album in stores all over America. Michael has personally autographed 250 copies which are now available exclusively in his online stores.

    This is sure to be a very unique and collectible item. Unsigned ones seen on ebay for hundreds of dollars. Priced at only $150.00 they are sure to sell out fast.

    Order by December 10th and you will receive a free bonus "Caught In The Act" CD/DVD and be automatically entered into a random draw to win a $50.00 holiday gift card from The HoneyBaked Ham...

    Just a friendly reminder! Tomorrow (December 10th) is the last day to make a purchase from the MB Online Store to receive by Christmas using standard shipping.
    Happy Holidays!

    14 month calendar includes sticker sheet for marking important dates/messages. Specially marked days throughout the year marked for special Bungalow-B contests and merch discounts. This calendar is packed with new never seen before photos along with fan photo collages. Be sure to get yours early as these will sell out.
    Price: 21.99
    CLICK HERE to purchase your copy!

    We recently learned Nick will be performing as a featured guest at saxophonist, Patrick Cornelius' show at the famous Blue Note Jazz Club in New York on January 30th. Information and tickets available HERE!


Retro Window T-shirt
Retro Window T-shirt
Bublé Shades Women’s Slouchy T-shirt
Buble Shades Women’s Slouchy T-shirt
By Invitation (30ML) Purse Spray
By Invitation (30ML) Purse Spray
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