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    Check out the 'Dressing Room' for new clips from tour, and then head to the screening room for more "Meet and Greet" photos!

    Outside the temperature soared in excess of 100 degrees and inside the Theatre the much needed air conditioning system packed it in. But in true "the show must go on" fashion, Michael performed before the sell out crowd at the Saroyan Theatre Saturday night.

    Making the best of an uncomfortable situation, Michael sent out for cold bottled water for everyone in the house. The band soon shed their suit jackets and eventually even their ear monitors were useless due to excessive moisture.

    In spite of the sweltering conditions, Michael remained fully suited throughout...

    We have a new tour journal posted in the 'Dressing Room' go check it out!

    10 new photos added to the 'Dressing Room' section. Along with a handful of your meet and greet photos, In the new section of the photo gallery titled 'Meet And Greet Photos'.

    Bungalow-B has spoken and we are listening. We are dedicating a new section in the 'Screening Room' for your fan photos. Send your fan photos to and be sure to include the following: username, real name, date and venue were you met Michael and a short caption. NOTE - Not every photo will be posted and we will be only accepting photos of you and Michael not concert photos.


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