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    Hey guys, you may now rsvp for the Wiltern show PBS taping for Thurs. and Fri. at, officially as of 8/9/05 12p.m. PST. Anything sent before then will not be counted. Send them in NOW!

    Hey guys, so here's the update on the PBS show at the Wiltern. Basically we have a limited # of tickets for our fan club, so starting tomorrow afternoon we will allow members to RSVP to*. Please include in your email the show you are trying to get tickets for whether it be 8/11 or 8/12. Tickets are not limited to but are for CA based members. The first 35 members to rsvp for each show will be left 2 tickets each at will call for each show. If you qualify to attend the first show, allow other members to attend the second night. We...

    Just to give everyone the heads up, we are reserving FREE tickets for our Bungalow-b members in the LA-based area for Michael's PBS taping at the Wiltern on both nights on 8/11 and 8/12. Its first come first serve and tickets will be held at will call at the venue. We will have more details on the event later, hope to see you there!
    -Bungalow-B Staff

    A BIG Congratulations to our bungalow-B girl, 'georgiat' that won the meet and greet for Michael's show in Oakland, CA! Have fun meeting Michael!

    Congrats to our bungalow-B meet and greet winner 'rowrow' who will be meeting Michael at his show in Phoenix,AZ! Have fun!


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Buble Shades Women’s Slouchy T-shirt
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