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    Time for another Buble' Poll! Cast your vote below and fill us in on how many shows you attended this past tour... If you have any suggestions for ideas for contests or polls send it our way at Thanks!

    Hey Guys- Michael left us a video message to Bungalow-B! Check it out in the screening room under video...ENJOY!

    Congrats to our final M+G winners who will be meeting Michael before his show in...

    8/23 Aurora, IL- 'ranndy'

    8/25 Memphis, TN- 'bart92'

    Congrats guys! Have Fun!

    Hello out there in Bungalow-B! Just to let you all know, Michael left us 2 voice messages in the fan club! Go listen to them at the media/screening room page under the audio section. Enjoy!-Bungalow-B Staff

    Just a friendly reminder that we have 2 more dates left to win meet and greets with Michael! All the contest rules are posted in the 'game room' the two dates that are left are:

    Tuesday, August 23 - Parmount Theatre, Aurora, IL:
    Friday, August 26 - Memphis Botanic Garden - Memphis, TN

    ... be sure to turn in your entries at least 3 days before each tour date if you plan on entering. Good Luck! :-)


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