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    Michael has been nominated for two Western Canadian Music Awards. Nominations were announced Sunday from Winnipeg where the music and industry awards will be handed out during a ceremony October 22nd. Michael has been given the nod for Outstanding Album, Major Label for It's Time, as well as a nomination for Entertainer of the Year.

    Michael performed last weekend at the David Foster Foundation Gala in Vancouver. The Gala Party & Auction was held at Richmond's River Rock Casino. Other special guests included Babyface, Clay Aiken & comedian/actor George Lopez. The Foundation raised 2.9 million dollars, which since 1986 has assisted families with children needing major organ transplants. Michael spent the afternoon prior, which happened to be his 31st birthday, in rehearsals for the event.

    To celebrate Michael's birthday tomorrow we added a new section to the 'Screening Room.' Inside are some of your Bungalow-B birthday wishes enjoy!

    'Dressing Room' section + Tour = New video clips

    Everybody remember the cancelled New Mexico show? I do it was a rainy mess and we can prove it. Head to the 'dressing room' to check out the pics!


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