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    If you haven't already seen it, we have a fun clip of Michael from a recent Starbucks commercial! Run over to the screening room pull up a chair and frappacino and enjoy!

    Hey Bungalow-B, we have another presale for Michael's Tour starting tomorrow 6/23 which will start at Noon Local venue time for the following shows:

    8/3 Dodge Arena, Phoenix, AZ
    8/5 Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA

    The Pre-sale ends 6/24 at 5PM EST.

    Big News for the Bungalow-B!
    Michael will be on The Today Show August 19 performing 3 songs!

    Check your local listings for more details, you won't want to miss this!!

    Hey Everyone! We have a new presale for all you in Bungalow-B

    Pre-Sale Starts 6/15 12 Noon Local and Ends 6/16 at 3:00PM EST for the following dates...

    SATURDAY ` JULY 30 ` 8:00 PM
    DALLAS ` JULY 31 ` 8:00 PM

    Hey Everyone,our most recent presale has officially ended and we hope everyone had any problems with the presales and were able to get tickets for Michael's shows. Check out the newly updated poll on the news page, and if you have any suggestions for future polls send you suggestion to and Greets are also underway, please send in your meet and greet entries to as soon as possible... to win a chance to meet Michael on this current tour!! Check out the game room for more details


2015 Holiday Ornament
2015 Holiday Ornament
MB I’ll Be Home Pillow
MB I’ll Be Home Pillow
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