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    Head over to the 'Screening Room' to check out all of the new photos from the Meet and Greets.

    Albuquerque, NM

    To everyone's disappointment, the outdoor show at Albuquerque's Sandia Casino Amphitheater was postponed because of lightning, wind, and rain. All day long the weather had been beautiful and hot, but at around 5:30 pm the skies darkened and lightening started to appear in the distance. It was downhill from there. All the local people kept telling us that in Albuquerque storms never last longer than ten or fifteen minutes. But when it hit, the rain and the lightning hung around and hung around. Then the winds kicked in and we watched our lighting trusses...

    Make your way to the 'Dressing Room' section to check out the new journal from Victoria!

    Head over to the 'Meet and Greet' section of the photo gallery to check out the new photos!

    Check out the 'Dressing Room' for new clips from tour, and then head to the screening room for more "Meet and Greet" photos!


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Retro Window T-shirt
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Buble Shades Women’s Slouchy T-shirt
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First Buble Coffee Tumbler
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