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    G'Day from Perth, Australia. The most remote city on the planet has been our home for the past 4 days. Spending this much time in one place is rare when we tour. I feel like i'm back home! On a tour that is packed full of flights, today is a rare non-flight non-show day. Does anyone else hate flying? If you dont try taking about 15 flights in 4 weeks and you will, i guarantee it. On another note, early this morning Mark, Jacob, and myself got up to watch the Boston Celtics beat the LA Lakers in one of the biggest comebacks in NBA history.

    Head over to Nick's Corner to read his latest blog!

    The Oprah Winfrey Show is re-airing the episode which includes Michael as surprise guest performer at a party with Oprah's Neighbors. Airs June 11th at 4pm EST. Check your local listings.

    Congrats to Hainesy who gets to meet Michael in Adelaide, and to mysharona who will be meeting Michael in Perth!

    Check out Nick's Corner for his latest post about how his visit to Australia is going.


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