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    Michael & Luisana dropped by a Vancouver PetSmart Thursday to present the BCSPCA with a donation of DOG for DOG treats. With every treat sold, DOG for DOG donates an item to a dog in need. Help them feed more dogs this holiday season by purchasing Dog For Dog treats. Click here to watch a video from Michael and Luisana's visit to PetSmart.

    Michael would like to wish his fans all over the world a very happy holidays. Watch this special holiday greeting from Michael below!

    Did you watch Michael's "Christmas In New York" television special? Click here to check out one of the great reviews from 

    Live outside the US and haven't seen it yet? Click here for details on when and where to tune in! 

    Tune into Weekend TODAY on Saturday, December 13 at 7-9am ET/PT to see Michael talk about his upcoming special, Christmas In New York. Then, tune in on Monday, December 15 at 8am ET/PT to catch an interview with Michael on TODAY. Check your local listings for more details!


    Get a sneak peek of the upcoming interviews in the clip below where Michael talks about his incredible family bond:

    We know many of you from all over the world will want to watch Michael’s Christmas special, so we made this guide with details on where and when you can tune in! Be sure to check back frequently to see if it’s been updated for your territory! 

    DATE & TIME: 12/17 at 8pm (ET/PT) and 12/23 at 9pm

    CHANNEL: Channel 5 
    DATE & TIME: 12/22 at 9pm and 12/24 at 5:35pm

    DATE & TIME: 12/16 at 8/8:30NT and 12/25 at 7pm. 

    DATE & TIME: 12/19 at...


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