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    Michael joined a host of acclaimed performers in Las Vegas this weekend to pay tribute to songwriter David Foster. The star studded show took place at the Event Center at Mandalay Bay in Vegas on Friday, May 23rd. Andrea Bocelli, Alicia Keys, Josh Groban, John Mayer, Babyface, Kenny G and others performed some of David’s biggest hits.

    Hello Bungalow-B Nick is back with another blog, head to his corner and enjoy!

    Congratulations to polimenbigpond who will be meeting Michael in Sydney on May 30th!

    Congrats to Peggy55, winner of the Missing Piece Contest!

    Today we are off to Australia for a month long tour "down under". Lets just say the flight there is not my favorite part of the trip. Leaving from New York I fly 6 hours to LA and then another 15 (yikes!) to Sydney. I hope they have some good movies on the flight. Well, the good news is once we get there it will be warm and sunny..... wait a minute, its actually winter there right now! Seriously though, touring Australia is great and we are all looking forward to going back. The cities are fun and the people are super nice.


2015 Holiday Ornament
2015 Holiday Ornament
MB I’ll Be Home Pillow
MB I’ll Be Home Pillow
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