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A sneak peak inside the fort we built this morning. Enjoying family time before promo for the new record begins. P.S The password is ... #peanutbutter


We had so much fun doing a Sound Test of My Kind of Girl in the all-new @Chevrolet Malibu—-is there anything nicer than playing new music for a fan? #ChevyMalibu (Link to full video in bio)


We built a tent made of bed sheets and camped outside our house today !! This is my idea of roughing it !!! #naptime #therevenant #home


In one of most difficult times of my life , this man , Dr Nasseri , not only skillfully fixed me but also helped ease my mind with humor and kindness. Thank you doc. And thank all you fans for your prayers and support . #Imback #blessed #kermitrkelly


I'm still on vocal rest with no singing but that doesn't mean there are no concerts at the Bublé household. My 10 year old niece Jayde ,takes the living room stage and blows us away ! #proud #uncle #musicheals


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love Deluxe Edition CD
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love Vinyl
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love Album T-shirt
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