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Michael's Crazy Love Tour in Australia!

on May 16, 2010

The Crazy Love Tour in February and March will take in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. General sales begin May 28th!

11/2/2011 Brisbane- Entertainment Centre
12/2/2011 Brisbane- Entertainment Centre
14/2/2011 Sydney- Acer Arena
15/2/2011 Sydney- Acer Arena
22/2/1011 Melbourne- Rod Laver Arena
23/2/1011 Melbourne- Rod Laver Arena
28/2/2011 Adelaide- Entertainment Centre
4/3/2011 Perth- Sandalford Estate- Swan Valley
6/3/2011 Perth- Sandalford Estate- Margaret River

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Win a Meet and Greet with Michael Buble

on May 03, 2010

Win a Meet and Greet with Michael and share in over $20,000 in Logitech Prizes... how? All you  have to do is spend $40 at Rhodes Shopping Center.

Check out the Rhodes website for full details!


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2010 Juno Awards

on April 22, 2010

Michael dominated the Junos taking 4 wins, if you missed his performance of 'Haven't Met You Yet', you can see it here

Michael thanking his fans:

"This is the best one," Michael said from the stage. "I mean, because we talk about our managers and our companies and all that stuff but we don't talk about you enough. The fans, without you, none of this happens. 

 "I love you from the West Coast to the East, black, white, rich, poor gay, straight, thanks for the support. I love you." 

 I would like to thank the sponsor, Pepsi.

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Mother's day Ads

on April 22, 2010

Hi All,  

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks. Michael is going to appear on a string of TV Ads for mother's day.

The Ads were filmed on our very own Cairo St in Cammeray, Sydney.

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Aussie charts!

on March 31, 2010

Crazy Love has been in the top 15 album chart for 24 weeks in Australia - well done everyone.



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