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Australian fans : Vote for your favorite track

on November 04, 2009

Have your say!


Vote for your favorite track from Michael's new album HERE


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Michael Buble in Australia

on November 04, 2009

Following a third consecutive week as #1 in Australia with Crazy Love, Michael Buble
has been confirmed as a special guest in the TV show Australian Idol in

So make sure you stay tuned for more details very soon and your chance to win tickets to the finale.

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The Age meets with Michael Buble

on November 04, 2009

A great news story not to be missed in the newspaper of Melbourne:

" He has written songs that he later found too heartbreaking to
sing, has a reputation for fighting and needs a nose job. Michael Buble
opens up to Shelly Horton.
Michael Buble's eyebrows shoot up when I make my confession: "I hate your song Everything. Hate it!" A smile curls at the side of his mouth, "Let me guess, is it because of a break-up?" "Yeessss," I wail. "My ex-boyfriend promised it would be our wedding song and then he dumped me.......READ MORE"

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Crazy Love #1 in Australia

on November 02, 2009

Crazy Love is  #1 in Australia on its first week, what an amazing start!

"Crazy Love" is Michael Buble 's first CD in two and a half years featuring
two original songs along with his always original take on 11 standards
from various eras. The DVD includes 25 minutes of behind the scenes
'making of' footage.

You can grab your copy now from JB Hifi, Sanity or download the Deluxe edition on iTunes Australia.


Track Listing CD

  1. Cry Me A River
  2. All Of Me
  3. Georgia On My Mind
  4. Crazy Love
  5. Haven't Met You Yet
  6. All I Do Is Dream Of You
  7. Hold On
  8. Heartache Tonight
  9. You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
  10. Baby
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Listen to the Radio 2 show

on October 22, 2009

Last night Michael Buble performed a concert with his Big Band at the BBC Radio Theatre, exclusively for Radio 2.  You can listen to the whole show right now on the BBC iPlayer!


Listen to Michale Buble live in concert for Radio 2



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