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Michael Buble confirmed to appear on X Factor

on October 22, 2009

Michael Buble is in the UK!  He has confirmed he will be mentoring the X Factor finalists in the Saturday show, & performing live on Sunday!

Don't forget to tune into ITV on Saturday 8pm-10pm, and Sunday 8pm-9pm.

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Watch Michael Buble perform on Oprah Winfrey

on October 13, 2009

Last week Michael Buble performed 'Haven't Met You Yet' for the very first time live on TV, on the US Oprah Winfrey show.

Click here to watch the live performance online on

You can also watch his interview with Oprah including an appearance from his mother, plus some extra backstage footage.

Click here to watch the Oprah interview

Click here for more backstage footage



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Haven't Met You Yet - new single out now!

on October 13, 2009

Michael Buble releases his first single from the forthcoming  'Crazy Love' album this week.  You can download 'Haven't Met You Yet' from iTunes, plus two exclusive B-sides & the video.

Click here to go to iTunes & buy the new single

You can also get the track for only 50p from!

Click here to buy the track from 7Digital

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Radio 2 announce Michael Buble show - win tickets!

on October 05, 2009

Ken Bruce on Radio 2 has just announced a very special Michael Buble gig!  You won't be able to buy tickets for the show, but Radio 2 have 100 pairs of tickets to give away.  You can apply online for tickets or via phone - see the Radio 2 website for entry details.

The ticket giveaway is open from now until 11.00am on Friday 9 October.

Michael's performance will feature classic hits and tracks from his new album.  If you miss out on winning tickets, the show is being filmed by the BBC, & you'll be able to watch highlights online the following day. These highlights will also be made

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Michael Buble video exclusive

on October 02, 2009

The new video for 'Haven't Met You Yet' is being premiered exclusively now on the ITN website. 

Watch the video here on 



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