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Michael To Perform At Apple Music Festival In London!

on August 25, 2016

Michael will be performing at the Roundhouse in London for the Apple Music Festival Sept 28th! For details head to #AMF10

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Tune In To Michael's Facebook Live Fragrance Launch Event on Weds. Aug. 24th!

on August 24, 2016

Tune in Wednesday 7pm ET for Michael’s Facebook LIVE event! He’'ll be launching his new fine fragrance for women and performing songs from NYC. Do you have any questions about the fragrance? Ask by clicking here! Michael may answer during the Q&A! #michaelbubleperfume

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Michael To Release New Album 'Nobody But Me' On October 21st!

on August 18, 2016

Michael's new album NOBODY BUT ME will be released on October 21st, Nobody But Me is Michael's first album in three years and is his 9th studio album.

The exciting new collection of original pop tunes and beautiful standards highlight Michael's talent as a profound interpreter of the American songbook as well as his gifted songwriting and producing style. Nobody But Me is available for pre order at

Nobody But Me was recorded in Los Angeles and Vancouver and includes three new Buble’ penned originals along with breathtaking reinventions of classics including “My

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Don't Miss Michael's HSN Premiere!

on August 05, 2016

Michael is bringing his new fragrance to the HSN in the US.  Mark your calendars because you don't want to miss his premiere August 26! ‪

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Win a Trip to New York to Attend Michael’s Exclusive Perfume Launch Party

on July 27, 2016

Sign up now at for a chance to win a trip for two to New York City to join Michael at his prestige perfume launch event August 24th. Michael will debut his new fragrance and perform songs from his upcoming new album at a special invitation-only party in Manhattan. Two local winners will also be selected to attend the celebration. Contest closes August 2nd, 2016. 



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