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NYC Fans - Meet Michael at J&R!

on November 22, 2011

Join J&R as they celebrate their 40th Anniversary with Michael Bublé! Michael will be at J&R on Tuesday, November 29th at 4pm signing copies of his new holiday classic "Christmas" and his new book "Onstage, Offstage."

The first 12 customers each day who purchase a Michael Bublé "Christmas" CD or pre-order Michael Bublé "Onstage, Offstage" book will receive a wristband to meet Michael at J&R! Also, a limited number of wristbands will be available with purchase the day of the event.

Tuesday 11/29, 4pm
23 Park Row
New York, NY 10038
(across from City Hall Park)
Phone: 1-212-238-9000


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Facebook Photo Contest

on November 21, 2011

Head over to Michael’s Facebook page today and upload a photo of yourself with the "Christmas" album. One winner at random will be chosen to win a signed "Christmas" CD!

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“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” Premieres on VH1

on November 16, 2011

Michael’s brand new video for the track "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" is premiering right now on

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Bungalow-B Cook Book Available Now

on November 15, 2011

The Bungalow-B Holiday Cook Book is now available as a FREE download here. Don’t forget to download the pdf and save it on your computer. The book features some of Michael’s favorite recipes and those submitted by Bungalow-B members. Happy holidays and enjoy the recipes!

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New “Naughty or Nice” Flirty Undies Now on Sale

on November 11, 2011

Just launched in the Michael Bublé Store: Naughty or Nice girl shorts! More details here.

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Official 2017 Calendar + Michael Bublé Marker
Official 2017 Calendar + Michael Buble Marker
Lean On Me T-shirt
2016 Blue Holiday Ornament
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