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"Gotta Be Patient" Available for Streaming and Download!

on May 01, 2020

“Gotta Be Patient” is now available for streaming and download!
Michael heard the song, written by Spanish artists Stay Homas, while self-quarantined with his family in Vancouver. He loved it and immediately shared it to his Facebook page. The response from fans was overwhelming and it inspired him to record it with a little help from longtime friends Barenaked Ladies and Warner-Latino Mexican artist Sofia Reyes.
Michael will be donating his proceeds to the Red Cross in Canada and Argentina. Proceeds for Barenaked Ladies will go to Cultural Survival.

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"Gotta Be Patient" Music Video

on April 27, 2020

Watch the music video for "Gotta Be Patient" by Michael Bublé, Barenaked Ladies and Sofia Reyes!

The song was written by Stay Homas!

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on April 01, 2020

Michael Bublé has postponed several additional dates of his “An Evening With Michael Buble’ Tour” which was scheduled to start up again in Anaheim, California on May 2nd. Rescheduled dates for the entire tour will be announced as soon as possible.

“The safety of my fans and my touring family is more important than anything and of course takes priority. I pray that everyone remains safe and I look forward to seeing you back on the road for a great night out once we are advised that our shows can continue. Stay well everyone,” commented Bublé.

“Hold on to your tickets and they will be honored

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Michael and Luisana Live Stream Schedule

on March 25, 2020

Michael and Luisana will be going live on Michael's Facebook and Luisana's Instagram every weekday at 2pm PT! The schedule is below! Be sure to tune in!



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Christmas Vinyl (White)
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Deck of cards
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